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When Art and Science Intertwine

06 May 2013
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Turning complex data into works of art has become essential for communicating and understanding science.

Molding Creatures Out of Clay

20 March 2013
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A fascination with aquatic creatures led Utah artist William James to fuse ceramics with cephalopods.

A Virtual Field Trip to the Hylozoic Veil

WATCH THE VIDEO Part robot, part prototype life-form, part kinetic sculpture, the Hylozoic Veil at The Leonardo Museum captures the imagination and raises the question, "What is life?".

Seeing Math: Transforming Mathematical Equations into Art

03 January 2013
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A research scientist’s psychedelic art reveal solutions to technological puzzles.

Natural History Museum Spotlights Plight Facing Utah Frogs

29 November 2012
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Globally frogs and toads may be facing a mass extinction. At the Natural History Museum, scientists explained what they're doing to save local populations.

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