Weathering Change: Mitigation, Adaptation, and Suffering

28 February 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Researcher Lonnie Thompson says a changing environment will be a part of our future. Now how do we deal with it?

Weathering Change: Glaciers Melt, Water Rises

25 February 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Sea level has risen and fallen throughout history but is only problematic now that hundreds of millions live at sea level, says researcher Lonnie Thompson.

Bills Unveiled that Address Air Quality--KCPW

12 February 2013
Published in Environment

On Monday Utah Democrats announced legislation aimed at addressing air pollution in the state.

Living With Radon Gas

11 February 2013
Published in Science and Society

It's estimated that one in three homes in Utah have dangerous levels of radon gas. Ross Chambless reports on the dilemma it poses for Utah homeowner, including him.

Stormwater Runoff Goes Green

07 February 2013

With the heavy snowfall this year, Utahns are in for greater springtime snowmelt runoff. Thomas Walsh, with ‘The Flood’ blog, summarizes better ways of dealing with the flow.

Climate Change and Utah Wildfires--KCPW

05 February 2013
Published in Environment

Effect of Climate Change on Utah Wildfires Debated at Legislature.

An Invasive Grass is Choking Utah’s Wetlands

14 February 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) A plant invader is taking over Utah's wetlands and is eating up habitat for millions of migrating birds.

Businesses Meet to Clean the Air--KCPW

03 December 2012
Published in Science and Society

Local businesses met at the Annual Clean Air Conference to learn how they can make a difference.

Transportation Troubles in Wasatch Canyons--KCPW CityViews

29 November 2012
Published in Science and Society

Last week, Salt Lake County issued the Canyons Transportation Studies. Representatives from the U.S. Forest Service and Save our Canyons and the Cottonwood Heights mayor discuss solutions to existing parking and traffic problems.

Protesters Bring Attention to Tar Sands Decision--KCPW

20 November 2012
Published in Environment

Protestors are angry over the recent Bureau of Land Management decision to approve tar sand mining in Utah.

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