Jon Kovash

Jon Kovash

Jon Kovash reports for Utah Public Radio. He is also a senior correspondent for Mountain Gazette.

Weathering Change: Global Warming or Global Weirding?

18 March 2013
Published in Environment

(Audio) Over the next century, local microclimates within Utah will change in unexpected ways. Groups in Moab have different ways of dealing with this unknown.

Lanzando calabazas en nombre de la ciencia

05 November 2012
Published in Educación

Estudiantes de secundaria lanzan calabazas en el aire usando catapultas para aprender sobre física e ingeniería.

Chuckin’ Pumpkins in the Name of Science

05 November 2012
Published in Education

High school students launch pumpkins with catapults, and learn some physics and engineering along the way.