D.I.Y. Science - Experiments for Kids

22 August 2013
Published in Education

Looking for something to do with the kids after school? Our D.I.Y. Science experiment booklet will keep their hands busy, and their minds going.

Top Website Brings Science to Life

29 April 2013
Published in Education

A website that uses videos and games to teach the latest in science received over 50 million page views last year.

Learning Leadership Through Robotics

25 March 2013
Published in Education

(Audio) This weekend, hundreds of high school students participated in a regional sporting event at the Maverik Center in West Valley City. But in this competition, the players were robots.

Hands On Education Makes Science and Math More Engaging

06 December 2012
Published in Education

High school programs across the state teach students how science and math are used in the real world.

Students Consider a New Future at Science Day

12 November 2012
Published in Education

On Saturday, hundreds of high school students got their first taste of being on a college campus, and heard about scientific research that they could one day take part in.

Chuckin’ Pumpkins in the Name of Science

05 November 2012
Published in Education

High school students launch pumpkins with catapults, and learn some physics and engineering along the way.

Apps to Explore the Brain

22 October 2012
Published in Education

Soon students will be able to use their smart phones to learn about the brain.

Gardens Growing at Salt Lake City Schools

21 October 2012
Published in Education

Gardening, composting, and playing with worms help Salt Lake City students learn about biology by doing.

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