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Explore Utah Science

Explore Utah Science

Challenging Times for Research Funding

13 December 2013

Although a budget deal may finally be in the works to get rid of the mandatory sequester cuts, research funding has not kept up with inflation for over a decade and the impact is being felt by scientists, students, and Universities.

Blog: A Bighorn Sheep and Ranger Meet

02 May 2013

Ranger Kathryn Burke has a close encounter with a bighorn and writes about it in her blog.

Top Website Brings Science to Life

29 April 2013
Published in Education

A website that uses videos and games to teach the latest in science received over 50 million page views last year.

70% of Our Universe is A Mystery

15 April 2013
Published in Space

Astronomy week starts today and the surprise is how little we know about our universe.

Blog: Visiting Mars In Southern Utah

27 March 2013

In the barren lanscape outside Hanksville Utah, the Mars Society has set up a research facility to simulate Mars. Scientists and Mars enthusiasts go on missions and conduct research to develop knowledge they hope will help prepare for an eventual trip to the red planet.

The Mathematical Mind of A Basket Weaver

01 April 2013
Published in Science and Society

By combining culture, skill, and mathematics, Navajo basket weavers create works of art.